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I just moved into my new apartment that has no in laundry unit which is something I’ve been use to always having. I work at the gas station next door and out of convenience decided on just doing my laundry next door. I haven’t had to go to a laundry Matt in years so when I first arrived to the laundry Matt I was very confused and lost. I walked up to an older short haired lady who was cleaning and asked for her help. She stopped what she was doing immediately to help me and went above and beyond the explain how everything worked and how to use the laundry Matt card because I clearly didn’t know how to. This laundry matt isn’t the closest to my new apartment but I’ll definitely be making it my go to weekly laundry Matt.

KC - May 14, 2021

The staff's awesome the laundry is cheap and I never have to wait

JR - April 2021

Very clean. Staff was very friendly. Cheapest laundromat. We will be back in 2 weeks

JS - Jan 2021

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